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Golf Instruction Programs

We have developed a revolutionary Golf Instruction & Lessons Program to grow the game.

It's a proven fact that how well we play significantly affects how much fun we have. Foresight Golf wants our customers to have the most fun possible and has made the commitment to helping our customers improve their enjoyment of the game. We have come to realize that the only way to improve is to have the right balance of quality instruction and productive practice.

Being able to enjoy affordable instruction from qualified teachers is a huge part of the improvement process. We have developed a revolutionary Golf Instruction & Lessons Program, Play Better Golf - The Foresight Golf Way, that will enable you to begin, learn and grow in the game and still afford to play golf, too!

At Oso Beach we focus on three distinct fundamental parts of the game:

  1. Those who want to learn to play the game start with our Learn to Play program.
  2. Kids 18 and under who desire to learn the game through our Junior Academy.
  3. Experienced golfers seeking to improve their game with our Game Improvement program.

Meet our Instructors:

  • Jay Monte is currently the Golf Professional at Lozano Golf Center. Jay has over 25 yrs. of experience within the golf industry and claims he hasn’t “worked a day” in almost three decades . He played at the collegiate level for Henderson State University and then as a professional on the mini tours.

  • Mathew Charles is an accomplished golfer from Carroll High School and played collegiate golf at The University of Texas Pan American. Mathew currently assists in our “Play Better Golf” program. He has been a Golf Professional at Lozano Golf Center since 2015 and we still haven’t seen him without a smile.


For more information or to register for any of our clinics, contact the course at (361) 826-8016 or fill out the form on the right.

How Do You Participate?

Join Oso Beach Municipal’s Men's Golf Association or Women's Golf Association! These associations have been developed to encourage you to work on your game, meet new golfers, receive inexpensive golf lessons, and enjoy the camaraderie of friendly competition all adding up to enjoying golf more! The association memberships include:

  • USGA Handicap Service - you have to have a handicap to play in most tournaments and getting a handicap is one of the best ways to track your improvement!
  • $20 Individual 30-minute lessons - providing you inexpensive instruction from qualified instructors is the driving force behind our Play Better Golf program. One-on-one teaching allows you to focus on what you need to do in order to play better.
  • $10/person 30-minute Group lessons - learning together is fun and can be quite rewarding! You glean the benefits of other golfers questions and input and have fun doing it!
  • Designated Weekly and Evening Association Group Play Dates with Hospitality and Prizes - a chance to take what you've learned to the course and enjoy some friendly competition as a team. Add a nice food & beverage special after play along with prizes and you've got yourself a fun evening enjoying golf!
  • 10% off Non-Sale Golf Shop Merchandise or Special Order Merchandise - once you start playing better you'll probably want to dress the part! Look good and swing away!!
  • Free Green Fee When You Refer A New Member - have a friend that keeps threatening to learn to play? Now's the chance to help them start on the right foot and get a little benefit yourself!

The Annual Association Fee is only $49.99

For more information or call (361) 826-8010 or simply fill out the form on the right of the page.

Oso Beach Municipal Golf Course
5601 S Alameda Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78412