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Great Golf Tips

Maneuvering The Golf Ball

On dogleg holes, the proper maneuvering of the golf ball can shorten the holes' length.  On approach shots, maneuvering the ball can give you better angles to approach the pin, thus increasing your percentages of success.  In addition, when you get into trouble, you will have a the 'maneuver ability' and confidence to escape.

The best way to intentionally curve the ball is to set your feet, hips and shoulders along the path on which you want the ball to start out and aim the club face where you want the ball to finish, then swing normally. Keep in mind that a right to left shot flies lower and will run farther.  Conversely, a left to right shot flies higher, lands softer and stops faster.

The maneuvering of the golf ball is something you should work on in every practice session.  When you can maneuver the ball intentionally and control the amount of curvature you will be on your way to being in complete control of your game.  You will then be a confident shot maker.

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