logo-foresightAt Foresight Golf, our goal is simple: "To build, own and manage exceptional golf properties that provide a world-class golf experience at competitive rates, making the game affordable and enjoyable for all players."

Foresight Golf believes that even the most discerning players are looking for a great value with their recreational investment. We strive to deliver the very best golf experience in whatever market we compete. There are several cornerstones that we build upon to accomplish our goal:

Design Philosophy

Foresight seeks to create golf courses that are interesting and fun to play, pleasing to look at and separate from the "busyness" of the world. Our courses start with property that is great for golf. We then take a traditional approach to design and create naturally flowing, aesthetically pleasing features and comfortable corridors. Real estate impacts are minimized and are not even present on the majority of our golf courses. What the player experiences, is comparable to the great private clubs of 1900's. Pure golf, pure enjoyment, a place to get away and immerse yourself in the great game of golf!!

Foresight Family Customer Service

We know that you have a lot of choices as to where you can play and we truly appreciate your business. Our dedicated staff will make you feel as though you are part of the family. We are ready to share our love for and commitment to the game of golf with all of our customers. The atmosphere is friendly, service-oriented, and professional at all times. And feel free to bring your kids, as we believe you're family, they're family too and we don't charge to have them play with you!

Providing Outstanding Course Conditions

Our dedicated team of agronomists strive to maintain the finest playing surfaces in South Texas. We've had the privilege maintaining some of the best golf facilities in the world and we bring the same focus, agronomic philosophy and "best management practices" to every Foresight Golf Course. Day in and day out, the condition of our courses will improve your game, not interfere with it!

Our Thoughts on Learning to Play

Golf is one of those enjoyments in life that requires lessons; and the price of learning can sometimes be a detriment to becoming as good as possible.  At Foresight Golf, we realized the industry was lacking affordable instruction from qualified teachers, so we've developed a program - Play Better Golf - The Foresight Golf Way.  Our program allows all golfers - from beginners to skilled golfers - the opportunity to take all the lessons they want or need and still afford to play.

We invite you partake in an exceptional golf experence, the Foresight way, never looking back...

Foresight Golf Properties